As outlined in the ICCFA Constitution, Membership in the ICCFA is as follows:
— all faculty of all public Community and Junior Colleges in the State of Illinois who are regularly assigned instructions;
— all faculty employed with some teaching responsibility and administrative responsibility, but not designated as administrative personnel by their respective Boards of Trustees;
— all faculty employed as counselors, librarians, and other non-instructional faculty who are not designated as administrators of their respective colleges are members of the Association.

For purposes of governance, the ICCFA and ICCB have divided the 48 Community Colleges in Illinois
into four regions:
— Northern A
— Northern B
— Central
— Southern

Currently we have people at each community college that we contact, but would like to also have coordinators by region to help disseminate information. If you are interested in serving as a Regional Coordinator, please contact the ICCFA President or Secretary.

> Google Earth Map of the 48 Illinois Community Colleges