2024 Faculty of the Year Award Nomination Submission

Nomination deadline: September 15th, by 11:59pm.

The ICCFA Leo Welch Faculty of the Year Award nomination deadline is 11:59 pm Sunday, September 15th.
Named in honor of longtime ICCFA member and our VP of Legislative Affairs for Higher Education, ICCFA’s Faculty Award is typically given out at the Annual Conference.
The award comes with a $500 prize.

Please send nominations to dilibert@cod.edu with the subject heading: ICCFA Leo Welch Faculty of the Year Nomination for (name of person being nominated).

Nominations for this faculty member should, at a minimum, address questions 1 and 2 below:
1. What makes this faculty member excellent?
2. What distinguishes this faculty member’s excellence from others?
The question isn’t how does this faculty member’s excellence surpass others, but rather what puts this particular faculty member’s stamp on his/her accomplishments/innovations/pedagogy.
3. Please add any additional thoughts you’d like to include on this nomination.