Executive Board

The ICCFA is run by an executive board of faculty volunteers from each of our four geographical regions. The board currently has 8 members.

These are the volunteers from around the state who give their time to make ICCFA happen. They come from a variety of schools and disciplines and are full or part time faculty members.

Any full time Faculty, meeting the criteria noted on the by-laws, may apply to serve on the Executive Board. Adjunct faculty members are encouraged to apply. Adjunt Faculty must have a work history of at least six semesters (summers excluded) over no more than a five year period at an Illinois public community college. If interested in serving on the executive board, please contact our president for more information, and read the by-laws to confirm eligibility.

Dr. Julia diLiberti

Dr. Julia diLiberti


Professor of Humanities

College of DuPage

Dr. Julia diLiberti

Dr. Joe Przbyla

of Legislative Affairs

Associate Professor
of Criminal Justice (CRJ)

Kiswaukee Community College

Dr. Julia diLiberti

Dr. Fei Hong


Adjunct Professor of Biology

Heartland Community College

Dr. Julia diLiberti

Carla Presnell


Professor of Biology

Carl Sandburg College

Dr. Julia diLiberti

Terri Birch

Vice-President of Outreach

Adjunct Professor of Art

Elgin Community College

Dr. Julia diLiberti

Mary Rojas-Carlson

Vice-President of Membership

Associate Professor of Business

College of DuPage

Dr. Julia diLiberti

Jacob Winters

Immediate Past President

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Black Hawk College

Dr. Julia diLiberti

Melvin Harrison

ICCB Liaison to ICCFA

Director of Academic Affairs


Dr. Julia diLiberti

Leo Welch

In Memoriam,
Former Vice-President
of Legislative Affairs